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There are many ways to collaborate with Globetour, the journey of Jan and Alexandra, and one of the most important is to follow us, reading the Jan Journal or Alexandra Daily.
(If you want to receive regularly the diary and the pictures of Jan, you can leave your e-mail on the Contact page).
You can also follow us more regularly on Facebook or Twitter .

You can also collaborate with our Project "taking the pulse of the world" and answer the questionnaire or read the responses of other people on the web or videotaped.

If you want to help us financially, you can buy in our book in catalan or buy any photo or any of the products we brought back from Nepal, India, Pakistan and Iran and we sell to Globetour/shop .
On the other hand, we also can help by making a donation using Paypal.

Above all, remember to send us your feedback using the Contact page.

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