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This is Jan's diary. If you want to receive this diary by mail, write your mail on the contact form.


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Brasov (see on map)

Turkey,+salt+lake+close+to+Cappadocia Romania,+Brasov,+Alex+and+brother+and+sister Romania,+Brasov Romania,+Brasov Romania,+Brasov Romania,+Brasov
Romania,+Brasov Romania,+Brasov Romania,+Brasov Romania,+Siviu Romania,+Siviu,+Alex  

In Brasov, at the home of the grandparents of Alexandra, we followed hibernating for three more weeks, especially with the cold street intimidating. In any case, unlike that also bears hibernate, we have not stopped eating the delicious traditional Romanian dishes and cakes that her grandmother cooked, and finally we have gained about 5 kilos each. And unlike the Bears, we have reached out on occasions to walk through Brasov and the surrounding mountains, accompanied by the two younger brothers of Alexandra. Apart from that, and the occasional trips to the dentist (in Romania is much cheaper than in Spain) and the change of the water of the radiator of the engine (it had no antifreeze since I had recharged the water in Africa), have spent several days closed home, daily rewriting Europe that I want to publish, calling on publishers to publish my novel from India, considering the financial concerns that I have to start to have coming back home again and following the upcoming presidential elections in Romania , which are hotly contested, with stores hanging posters and passing by the house members to deliver advertising and matches (as the grandmother of Alexandra said to self-burn if your favourite candidatedoes not win). And finally, despite the sadness of Alexandra, three weeks after we left her family, but before that i could fulfil the desire of Alexandra to celebrate the anniversary of her grandmother, curiously the only day throughout the calendar Romanian when family and friends give two kisses on the cheek.


Morciano (see on map)

Austria,+Michael,+Stefanie+and+daugters Austria,+Bad+Ischl Italy,+view+from+San+Marino Italy,+San+Marino

From Romania we went to Italy, home to Alexandra's mother and her other brother. Anyway, before that we stopped in Bad Ischl, Austria, to the home of Michael and Stephanie, our travelling companions in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. It was interesting to see how they have left behind the lives of travellers, with a new daughter and new hobbies, with Michael spending a fortune on bikes. We also visited on the road, Christian, a friend from Ravenna that i had known before starting the journey, had visited him at the beginning of the trip and now at the end. We noticed he changed car, however, he was as always passionate by games, because according to him, unlike most adults, has never lost a sense of play. And finally, we got to the mother of Alexandra and her brother and girlfriend, who treated us super well, with great food, good conversation for Alexandra and an interesting excursion to the next state of San Marino, the world's smallest republic and the oldest, existing since 301 AD and survived through the centuries thanks to their isolation in the Apennine mountains, 749 meters above sea level. I've never had interest in making records of countries visited, but after four years travelling, this was a new one that was added to the nearly 80 states visited so far.


Orís (see on map)

And after two days on the road we arrived at my parents house, where everything was the same as if we had made a long journey through time and space in just a few tenths of a second. In any case, we felt we both changed: Alexandra much more mature and I with much more knowledge to analyze a different perspective on issues affecting the world.

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