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Taking the pulse to the world

Name: ewald
Place: dutch

Which do you think is the main problem that affects the world?
everything seems to be about money and not about solving problems. The institutions donít do this to help . Its just for money and power. When we finished the 2nd world war europe was liberated by america for economic reasons.

How can it be solved?
even more difficlut. I donít know . Maybe people should think more about other people than money or business.human beings are not money.

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
I try to do my best, both political and personal. Spread my points of view

Which do you think is the main problem that affects you region or environment?
liberalisation. Itís a big problem. The prices for services are higher and higher

How can it be solved?
all these things should be nationalised . Held by the government so by the people and not by companies

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
not to buy products from multinationals.but also small stores are way too expensive. Working for the town council

Are you happy in live? Why?
yes. I am satisfied with my life

How could you be happier?
maybe if I would have less obligations and more freedom.

Which do you think is the secret of happiness?
enjoying life or at least trying to


Documento sin título


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