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Taking the pulse to the world

Name: Erin Nadler
Place: Columbus, USA
Years: 22
Ocupation: Waitress/Bartender

Which do you think is the main problem that affects the world?
Mismanagement of resources, lack of cross cultural understanding

How can it be solved?
education, rebuild corrupt governements

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
Well, hopefully in a year I will be applying to grad school for Documentary filmmaking, with an emphasis on culture. It is my goal to create documentary films that intrigue and educate the public on global issues that will hopefully also create understanding of deeper issues and inspire people to educate themselves further. Basically my goal is to create ethnographic field studies on film that are user friendly, and appropriate for both the classroom and the theater.

Which do you think is the main problem that affects you region or environment?
Well, right now, I would say some of the main problems are unemployment/ general lack of jobs (which is slowly getting better according to some resources...) and lack of awareness about environmental issues, political issues, etc...however, I just moved here after living in another state/abroad, so I am still trying to get a feeling for it.

How can it be solved?
not sure yet...

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
I try to be involved on a local level

Are you happy in live? Why?
Yes, I feel happy because I feel incredibly lucky, each day I wake up in wonder at the world around me. I also feel incredibly grateful for what I do have- a roof over my head, food, an intact family and wonderful friends. Overall my situation is better than a huge majority of the rest of the world's could I complain?

How could you be happier?
One thing I do want is a job that I actually care about and get excited about - a job that does not feel like work. Unfortunately, right now in my field (cultural anthropology) and especially in my location there are very few jobs available without more training/higher degrees. So I am working on that, slowly. I want to be able to pay off some debt from college, and move to a different city, and travel more.

Which do you think is the secret of happiness?
Being comfortable with yourself, appreciating what you do have, compassion, wisdom, finding the right balance in life

All in all though, the secret of happiness is totally subjective. My happiness might not equal another person's happiness, and its absurd to expect it to.


Documento sin título


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