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Taking the pulse to the world

Name: maryam
Place: Tehran,Iran
Years: 19
Ocupation: commercial management student and english teacher

Which do you think is the main problem that affects the world?
I think that human-beingsí ego is the root of all problems which has led to the existence of borders, power ( in its negative aspects),superiorities and classifying people.

How can it be solved?
By considering all the people around the world as our brothers and sisters/family members. Thinking and worrying about their lives as much as we care about ours and respect them.
Not judging people, a country,a society, etc by what we hear about them; but by trying to communicate with them or at least, read and learn more about them.
By not being so indifferent towards everything that happens in our surroundings and put an end to our egoist,selfish and self-centerd lives.

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
I try to pass this message through whomever I meet and talk to. At times, if possible, I try to teach this, especially, youngsters. Plus, by the use of internet I spread the word.

Which do you think is the main problem that affects you region or environment?
Right now, Iranians are in poor financial circumstance because of the high rate of inflation; in Iran inflation rises in less than a month! Consequently, this lack of security has led to huge problems and quandaries. The most important of all these complications is pschycological issues.
If one morning you walk in the streets of Tehran and pass people, youíll hear lots of shouts, quarrels, etc. Faces are all gloomy, sad and unhopeful; I interpret them as,ĒOh well, another day of useless hard work; letís face it for the sake of ourselves and the ones we love.Ē And thatís just the beginning of the day! People can hardly tolerate anything thatís against their ideas or beliefs. Worse of all, people lie more and many uncivilized and improper actions can be seen in the society.

How can it be solved?
I believe that in solving an issue every single human-being must participate.
I think the government must start to care more about its citizens by truly improving their life conditions in all aspects. More importantly, people must not just sit somewhere and complain all the day long and continue it without taking any action; everyone knows that words are just words but you have to work on it so that it happens. Consequently, they must start to take action and not solely think about themselves. For instance, if thereís a shop which its products are more expensive than other places, no one should buy a single good, hopefully itíll start to decrease its prices, etc, etc.
Education in all aspects,plays an important role as well.

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
By compromising with people; educating whoever I can and try to make everyone understand the situation better and act rather than just talk.

Are you happy in live? Why?
Yes. I educate others which is the best experience ever in my life. I also try to do whatever that makes me happy, like meeting people, talking to them, learning about their experiences,cultures and lives; by learning to play the piano-I believe music is an international language and the best means of communication,etc.

How could you be happier?
Solely by realizing and trying for what truly makes me happier. Iíll have to stop complaining about everything, keep smiling and help others to realize so as well.

Which do you think is the secret of happiness?
A month ago I met a guy who told me that I won't be happy if I wanted to. In other words, other people can't make me happy, they can influence you in your happiness though, but one should find it on his own and maybe seek othersí help in order to achieve it. Each of us have our own meaning of happiness, so we have to deeply think about it and do our best to live happily.

I'd like to know more about your project and its reasons.

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