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Taking the pulse to the world

Name: florian
Place: german

Which do you think is the main problem that affects the world?
the problem is the nature of some people that always want more and more money and power. The balance in the world is not right.

How can it be solved?
I am not into active politics. Its too exhausting the sistem.there are things that could improve the situation. Maybe a revolution but its not the best situation

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
I am not an activist so the thing that I do is be more close to people. To learn more from other cultures. Life has two sides.i try to hold a balance of my own.i always say to my friends to be happy with what they have. I try to teach people to rethink about their life in the way that they would feel happy with what they have or less

Which do you think is the main problem that affects you region or environment?
for the germans is the brakedown of the social wellfair.

How can it be solved?
we should start rethinking.we have too many lobbys. The people with the money donít want to give this money to goo things.people complain but they donít do anything against

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
I am a social worker. I work with families and little children. The education should be changed.

Are you happy in live? Why?
yeah . I am a melancholic person but I usualy stand up happy. New day is a new chance. Sadness doesnít help.i have my problems and bad feelings but all in all I feel happy

How could you be happier?
do I need to be happy?a problem is never solved by doing nothing

Which do you think is the secret of happiness?
just be aware that from the first moment of your life the process of dieing starts. You donít know how long will be so just enjoy the is woth to be lived. If u are happy this will be reflected and life will be so much the secret is awareness


Documento sin título


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