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Taking the pulse to the world

Name: michal
Place: czech

Which do you think is the main problem that affects the world?
sickness is the bigest problem. Lack of comunication. The physical limitation creates barriers.

How can it be solved?
I donít have an idea. Maybe if I compare it with other things like producing weapons, (things that donít ptoduce any result) maybe we should invest more in medicine. To trust more alternative and tradicional medicine.

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
to support some companys, foundations or help these people directly. To offer some traditional curing.maybe if I will have a lot of money I will found a foundation to hel p people through computer science.

Which do you think is the main problem that affects you region or environment?
unemployment is the biggest problem in slovakia. Lack of money and life affects the environment, the life.

How can it be solved?
lately there are new job oportunities. This can somehow give a new dimension to the people of slovakia. Now is much easyer to work in automatics in slovakia for example. Like this people have money to buy food.

What can you do to collaborate in its solution?
I can help my people to find job here in prague. I can give job advises.

Are you happy in live? Why?
yes absolutly. Because I do not pay importance to the important things. I try to be happy with the little things

How could you be happier?
I think its hard to say. I cant imagine what could make me happier. Maybe a new job at this moment.happynes is relative so I cannot say how I could be happier

Which do you think is the secret of happiness?
itís a philosophical question. Maybe to meet people wich I can help and which I love. To live for the people arround me and not only for myself.


Documento sin título


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